Ronald Leonor Ramos

1261 Narciso St., Pandacan, Manila 1011

Office: (63) (2) 511-3175

Mobile: (63) 929-8874076

Home: (63) (2) 563-8441


Brief History

Ronald started out as a reluctant teacher way back in 1997. He started doing technical trainings for people new to Microsoft office. He then branched out to teaching porgramming courses like C/C++, Visual Basic and COBOL. Eventually he would branch out to teaching in the college level for institutions like MAPUA, Ateneo and College of St. Benilde. Currently he teaches Enterprise Application Development in St. Benilde every Saturday.

Ronald works as an IT Specialist for Smart Communications Inc. He has been in the IT industry since 1997 and has worked for various companies including I/ACT and Accenture. He specializes in Object-oriented languages and Web Development.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that students fail because teachers fail them. As teachers it is up to us to find ways to ensure that our students are always engaged. If we believe from the start they they are doomed to fail then they will fail.

Teachers should find ways to lead students to the path of success. We should not fail them just for the sake of failing them. We should not put difficulties in their path to knowledge just because we want to make it hard for them.

I also believe that students on their part should look at three things: their interest in the subject, the amount of work they are willing to put in and their commitment to the subject. Interest plays a big part in how much attention they'll give to the class. The amount of work they do is directly proportional to the learning they will achieve. And their commitment is needed to see the course through